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Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

partnershipI keep thinking back to my recent trip to Malawi and about all that God is doing there. It was an eye-opening, wonderful experience. But the people need so much. The pastors need training and equipping. They need scriptures, wordless evangelism bags, and so much more. They need our partnership.

I’ve also been hearing about the new restrictions about sharing the Gospel that are going into place in Russia. I’ve been going to Russia since 1999 and have seen great things. And there have been challenges. But honestly, I didn’t think this potential crack down would happen so quickly. It’s a very unsettling time. The people need our prayers.

mark-moldovaI’ve also been talking with our friends at To All Nations about other parts of the world where people are groaning under the weight of sin and rebellion and desperately need to experience the saving grace of Jesus. Places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Brazil, and Haiti just to name a few. They need to hear. They need food, medicine, clothing, scriptures, and more. They need our help.

I believe that you and I can be a blessing to people — all people — in the nations of the world. It really stems from God’s agreement with Abraham and is continuing through us as we serve Christ, as we are willing to go, to pray, to mentor, to disciple. I believe our God is calling us to action, together. Will you continue to partner with us at GSG to be a blessing to every tribe, tongue, and nation?

You have been such a blessing as you have partnered with us in the past. Now I would like to ask you take another step with us as you continue to pray for us as we move forward. You may be able to go into the world and serve somewhere. You may be able to support the work financially. And maybe you are an intercessor who can pray for us as we look to Him for guidance. Additionally, maybe you want to introduce the ministry to some of your family and ball-capfriends to expand our partnership base. Just let me know.

I look forward to serving together around the world and seeing, not only a great harvest for the kingdom, but the building up His church here and there as well.

Please continue to pray for us at Global Signet Group. And please let us know how we can pray for you. Yes, the world is a frightening place today. But perfect love casts out all fear. That love is from our Father in heaven. I pray we will all embrace Him today.

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At Global Signet Group, Inc. our purpose is to mentor, resource, and network with people around the globe to bring hope through our network of national teams and global partners. Together, we seek to empower people so they can find provision for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs on their own to become a viable and valuable part of their community. We have learned a great deal about international ministry relationships over the last 17 years and are confident and excited as we put that knowledge to fruitful use through GSG, the Global Signet Group.

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