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Making a List, Checking it Twice

Today I am putting together a list, and it is not a naughty list, it is a resource list in flux. One that will bring hope and healing to broken people around the world. I wish you could be here with me to look at all the requests—some of them would bring tears to your eyes, while others would make you scratch your head and ask why? Christmas gifts for physically challenged kids, orphanages, and abandoned children. Helping widows with brown-eyed-girlwood and coal. Organizing discipleship groups in sensitive areas. Pastor training for small group implementation. Orphan care by Christian families. Visiting people hours away across the desert. Answering questions from faith based satellite programs. Gospels for Muslims…

Ok, so let me try to paint a picture to see how we got the list. From my chair in Kansas I get to do some amazing things as you pray, give, and partner with us at GSG. I call it “digital shepherding” a phrase that I use to describe what happens when you use Internet technology to work remotely with national believers around the world. As I interact with them and learn about what God is doing and hear about the needs that would expand the ministry I take notes, offer suggested contacts, and even decide in real time what we can do to help. Without fail though I always get to pray with them.   Many times I lean back in my chair and just say “Thank you God” for the amazing opportunity you allowed me to be a part of and then I go call someone to pass along the blessing or share it with the family or staff—or even some of you. That is where we are between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I want to say thank you for your part in that process as we impact people in Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Without you and your faithful partnership I would not be able to say “yes” to some of the current GSG initiatives on the list.

cat-loveSo back to the list in flux and the unexpected “YES.” In fact, from another airplane seat that was just added to a planned trip to Moldova, I am en-route to another country that we have been praying about for some time because I think it is a “yes” project in God’s perfect time. And I am really excited to tell you about it–imagine having a multi-lingual believer in the midst of the 10-40 window that could network ministry efforts together from satellite programming to answering seekers questions connected to small group leaders, so that the local church is expanded instead of left splintered. Will you join me in praying for God’s clear vision and provision?

Then we have the awesome opportunity that Christmas brings to believers around the planet. Besides Eastern Europe and the options for working in the open with children, imagine that in two other restricted access countries we can be a part of helping the local church impact children with the Christmas story as they provide gifts to demonstrate God’s love. We believe that at least 1,000 children can be impacted through our $5 for 5 Project.

ukraine-kidsYour gift of $25 will allow our national partners to share Christmas with 5 children. Imagine what that will look like as they hear the story of Jesus coming as a baby, the savior of the world, so that the can have a real relationship with God. Then they will receive a gift of sweets and scripture—the perfect combination as they contemplate and think through what they heard. Our goal is that this is the starting point for the rest of their life. Will you consider helping us reach the least of these? You can even give a gift in someone else’s name and we will send them a card from you. And then can I ask you to do something else—tell your friends on social media or by e-mail about our project? We would love for many others to help us exceed our goal and we have made it easy to do on our website.

Finally, some of you are thinking back to the list I mentioned earlier. Specifically about some of the other projects I mentioned, or you have questions, or want to help be a part of the solution that God has in mind. Just let me know what God is prompting you to do as we draw this year to a close. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing our fruitful partnership into this next year. You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or our website. Also, feel free to email at



At Global Signet Group, Inc. our purpose is to mentor, resource, and network with people around the globe to bring hope through our network of national teams and global partners. Together, we seek to empower people so they can find provision for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs on their own to become a viable and valuable part of their community. We have learned a great deal about international ministry relationships over the last 17 years and are confident and excited as we put that knowledge to fruitful use through GSG, the Global Signet Group.

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