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Summer Is Coming!

IMG_6585It’s been a long winter in many parts of the world. And the kids are getting anxious, they know spring is here, but more to the point they know that summer is right around the corner and that means one things – camp! Right now, several national and international teams are preparing for another outreach that, since the fall of communism, has proven to be very effective—Kids Camp. The evangelistic day camps are a terrific way for the national based churches to follow-up with the kids who heard the Gospel for the first time this last Christmas, and some who in a few short weeks will hear more about the risen Christ at Easter.

We are really excited about this at GSG and we want to be able to provide $35 per child to send them to a week of camp where they get to do all the things kids love to do at camp and receive love and care from the people, the local partner church servants and their friends, many of whom use their personal vacation days to serve at camp. The biggest thing for the kids is that there are daily Bible lessons that are designed to lead them to make a decision to follow Christ. Remember, the kids you sponsor through Global Signet Group don’t have much accurate information about Christianity or the Igor fishBible, so this will be their first time to really evaluate the claims, deeds, and life of Jesus for an extended time in fellowship with believers.

I invite you to join with us in praying for the local teams who serve at the camps and do all they can to help kids come to Christ. Pray for the churches to identify kids who can benefit most from a week at camp. Pray for parents, who have no faith, that they will allow their kids to attend these evangelistic focused camps. And finally, since you are a champion of children, pray that they have the Gospel planted deep in their heart so that their life in transformed.

Then if I can ask one more thing of you, would you please pray for the international teams from here in the U.S. that are planning now to make short-term missions trips to the camps in various parts of the FSU. Maybe you would like to get a team together and go. We can help you if you give us a call. We have multiple options left to fill in both Moldova and at least two countries in Central Asia.

Rochelle and SweetyAnd in expectation of what God will do according to Eph. 3:20-21, I know that many children, youth, and parents will come to Christ. And many who are already believers will be built up in their faith as they bring their friends along and share the story with them. All of this because of your faithful partnership with us at GSG as we make disciples among the nations.

If you want more updates about camp and what God is doing throughout our various partnerships, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. If you want to partner with us in sending Kids to Camp to hear the Gospel and spread the Truth throughout the world you can do that easily through Dwolla or Paypal, also you can send a check to PO Box 484, Wichita, KS, 67201. Praise the Lord for all He has done and continues to do through His people.



At Global Signet Group, Inc. our purpose is to mentor, resource, and network with people around the globe to bring hope through our network of national teams and global partners. Together, we seek to empower people so they can find provision for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs on their own to become a viable and valuable part of their community. We have learned a great deal about international ministry relationships over the last 17 years and are confident and excited as we put that knowledge to fruitful use through GSG, the Global Signet Group.

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