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Yesterday the Weatherman Said it Would Rain

Yesterday the weatherman said it would rain all day. We prayed for sunshine and the Lord answered. One of the volunteers asked, did you know it wouldn’t rain? No, I just asked our Father to give us what we needed to accomplish his plans.

Man GlassesAnd His plan is amazing–now it is late Friday night and all the team is asleep here in Moldova while I write this letter. What has transpired this week in this corner of the country nestled between Romania and Ukraine is really beyond amazing. Over 400 people stopped by the pastor’s garage across from the church to get free glasses along with a New Testament and a clear gospel presentation.  All this was done in a very small space and very efficient manner as some examined, some cleaned, and others prayed and presented. Did I mention the mayor and his team stopped by, the local police chief, the head of the medical clinic, and the principal of the school to say Thanks for caring for our people—and they all received God’s word and a personal presentation of the Gospel! The local team here was amazed and over and over again they commented how people  were so open to what was presented. Every time I smiled back at them and said yes, God is doing something.

George and boyThat “something” is part of why we do what we do at GSG. I found out along time ago that it is hard to argue with people’s theology when their compassion is expressed correctly. That is why we give free glasses—so they can clearly read the Bible. That is also why less than 50 feet away over 100 kids were paying attention to the Bible stories that my son and his friends from our church were presenting—the kids had been fed, had crafts to do, and been playing fun games until they were worn out.

Did I mention they had ice cream everyday? It was so hot and it was a welcome treat for all, and all done in the name of Jesus.

IMG_0280In the next few hours we will be back at it again for the final day and a finishing program on Sunday along with our goodbyes to many new friends. But what about Monday and next week or next month? What will happen to all the contacts and the kids that came for the first time? Again, that is why we partner with local believers at GSG. We believe in the local church and do not work independent of them. They are the family that we want all our new friends to be adopted into. Will you pray with us about that? One of the steps that will take place is that Pastor John and Ericka will continue caring for kids on a weekly basis as they launch a Hope Center ministry. Many of the kids in this village do not have parents in country and stay with grandparents or extended family. So imagine when they have a place to go stay for a couple of hours, listen to bible stories, play games, have a cup of warm milk and cookies—I think they will be packed in like sardines. So, again, will you pray for them?

I am convinced that God has begun something here this last week and it is something that will continue for eternity, but in the next weeks, months, and years there will be a very busy family as they disciple and train the next generation to know and serve the living God.

Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel as you pray and consider how God wants you to be involved in the “something” He has planned. On our website you can give through Paypal and Dwolla or you can send checks payable to Global Signet Group. Want more updates? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for regular updates and prayer requests from the field.



At Global Signet Group, Inc. our purpose is to mentor, resource, and network with people around the globe to bring hope through our network of national teams and global partners. Together, we seek to empower people so they can find provision for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs on their own to become a viable and valuable part of their community. We have learned a great deal about international ministry relationships over the last 17 years and are confident and excited as we put that knowledge to fruitful use through GSG, the Global Signet Group.

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