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New Testaments in Turkey

IMG_0725Summer is upon us, vacations are happening, the schedules are packed, people are traveling, the camp registrations are coming in, the gospel literature is ready, the glasses are sorted, and the teams are in training. Wow! A year ago we were transitioning opportunities and not sure exactly what was in store, but now we find ourselves in the midst of new relationships and new ministry opportunities.

One such relationship began about two months ago. We received an e-mail asking for help in Moldova off our website.  Continue reading “New Testaments in Turkey”

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The Gospel & Cookies

I will never forget a little guy I met a couple of years ago. His name was Pavel and he had his pockets stuffed with cookies as he walked over to talk with me. I asked him why he had so many cookies—he said he was hungry and did not really believe that there would be more at the next meal. I told him that there would be enough for him to eat some Waving Boyeveryday for the next week—he smiled and turned around and listened to the bible lesson as cookie crumbs etched his face. A few days later he still had his pockets crammed with cookies and had attended all the lessons, and was ready to believe what was being taught because Continue reading “The Gospel & Cookies”

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Summer Is Coming!

IMG_6585It’s been a long winter in many parts of the world. And the kids are getting anxious, they know spring is here, but more to the point they know that summer is right around the corner and that means one things – camp! Right now, several national and international teams are preparing for another outreach that, since the fall of communism, has proven to be very effective—Kids Camp. The evangelistic day camps are a terrific way for the national based churches to Continue reading “Summer Is Coming!”

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Resourcing Pastors

I wish you could have been with me to see their eyes. They were wide eyed as I explained the Gospel. They were fascinated with the changing colors and followed my every move. And they were not even kids. They were Muslim background believers (MBB) now pastors, youth leaders, children’s workers all amazed at the story bag.Vlad story bag It was not high tech, it was simple fabric. One of them asked where they could get such a tool—the others were all inspecting the balance of the other 14 story bags and when I told them they could each take one, well it got a little crazy. Continue reading “Resourcing Pastors”

Smiling Nicholas


Nicholas is a mentally and physically challenged young man. A young man who never stops smiling. We were able to help his family with some food and scripture. Nicholas likes to watch the Jesus movie on TV.  George gave Nicholas a new testament, which he was very excited about. Please pray that his parents will read the scripture to him and that they would come to know Christ.

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Crying for Bibles

Did you cry when you saw the bible in English for the first time? I didn’t. But I remember seeing a Kazakh believer see a Kazakh bible for the first time and seeing them cry over the word of God. Since then, I have put the Romanian and Russian scriptures into many people’s hands and very few of them have cried. But this next month, I imagine I will see many tears. Two people groups, the Turkmen and the Uzbeks will be receiving the whole bible in their language after years of painstaking translation work. And that is why I am writing.

blue-shirtAt GSG we believe that the bible is key to changing people’s lives. Without it we have no textbook for discipling and the basis of our belief is only second hand information. But when people see and can read it for themselves—in their own language, it changes everything. Continue reading “Crying for Bibles”