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When Parents Abandon Their Children

No, I can’t read that” the woman said as I put the New Testament opened up to John 3:16 in her hands. “No problem, I just want to know if you can see the letters clearly—can you see them better now?” Yes, with a shake of her head I added still another test lens to the one that was already setting on the bridge of her nose. With raised eyebrows she began to read…

Glasses Green ApplesI could go on and on about what happens next as that is the whole point of doing what we do with glasses. It not only allows people to see to read, but allows them to have hope and then allows us to introduce them to the Hope of the world. We do that by Continue reading “When Parents Abandon Their Children”

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Bringing Good News to the Vulnerable

When they were all setting down with their eyes focused on the bag in my hand I knew they were going to be amazed. The kids always are and the adults are just too bashful to admit it. As the story began to unfold in front of them about creation and about how God created all of it, their eyes Vlad Story Bagwidened just a bit more with each change of the color of the story bag. By the time we arrived at Adam being shaped and breathed into by God everyone was riveted to the bag– it was really an intense moment. Why? Continue reading “Bringing Good News to the Vulnerable”

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Yesterday the Weatherman Said it Would Rain

Yesterday the weatherman said it would rain all day. We prayed for sunshine and the Lord answered. One of the volunteers asked, did you know it wouldn’t rain? No, I just asked our Father to give us what we needed to accomplish his plans.

Man GlassesAnd His plan is amazing–now it is late Friday night and all the team is asleep here in Moldova while I write this letter. What has transpired this week in this corner of the country nestled between Romania and Ukraine is really beyond amazing. Over 400 people stopped by the pastor’s garage across from the church to get free glasses along with a New Testament and a clear gospel presentation.  All this was done Continue reading “Yesterday the Weatherman Said it Would Rain”

Angela and Mihai

Angela lives in a small Moldovan village, her husband, Mihai, has to live in the capitol for work. They don’t get to see each other often. They have 3 kids, the oldest being 2 years old. Through the local church we are able to provide them with a food bag and a Bible. God is using us to remind her that He is taking care of her and her family.Angela & Family

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New Testaments in Turkey

IMG_0725Summer is upon us, vacations are happening, the schedules are packed, people are traveling, the camp registrations are coming in, the gospel literature is ready, the glasses are sorted, and the teams are in training. Wow! A year ago we were transitioning opportunities and not sure exactly what was in store, but now we find ourselves in the midst of new relationships and new ministry opportunities.

One such relationship began about two months ago. We received an e-mail asking for help in Moldova off our website.  Continue reading “New Testaments in Turkey”

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The Gospel & Cookies

I will never forget a little guy I met a couple of years ago. His name was Pavel and he had his pockets stuffed with cookies as he walked over to talk with me. I asked him why he had so many cookies—he said he was hungry and did not really believe that there would be more at the next meal. I told him that there would be enough for him to eat some Waving Boyeveryday for the next week—he smiled and turned around and listened to the bible lesson as cookie crumbs etched his face. A few days later he still had his pockets crammed with cookies and had attended all the lessons, and was ready to believe what was being taught because Continue reading “The Gospel & Cookies”