Our partner Hope Center in Bulaiesti sent us this update!

This update covers January and February, in January we regularly had 20 – 22 kids come to the Hope Center. Thank you for the gifts you provided for our January Winter Camp, we couldn’t provide the gifts on our own, we prayed to Jesus and God used you to provide.

In February we had a lot of teens come, this is a big deal because soon these kids will be leaving the village to head to university or work. So during this short time that they have with them, they are working hard at teaching them about Jesus’ love and Christian principles.

Thank you so much for your support, that support is a huge blessing for our kids because now they can have good food for lunch, then get the opportunity to bless the 6 poorest families in the village with hot food and a visit.

Blessings! And one more big Thank You!!

HC Bulaiesti


We Prayed & God Used You

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300 People Reached in 3 Days!!

“Have you heard about the glasses ministry? It is one of the best tools we have to reach people.”

drinking teaI smiled as the young Central Asian leader went on to describe how they tried to do it in their new church. He explained they thought they could reach 150 people in three days, but after the first day when only 37 people showed up they were discouraged. They had trained, prayed, invited people, and mobilized the believers—why were more people not responding? They came back the next day and Continue reading “300 People Reached in 3 Days!!”

Loving the Unwanted

Our partners in Straseni are planning to take a girl from the orphanage into their home. Axenia graduates from the orphanage in May at age 15. The Ciobanu family wants to give her the option to go to college, find a good job & learn about the love & grace of God.

Straseni Hope Center

(A typical Sunday lunch at the Ciobanu family table.)

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Tea Time

“Let’s drink tea!” I know that sounds strange, but in a few days, I will be back with some of my friends from Central Asia and Turkey that I have not been face to face with for more than a year, and I can’t wait to see and IMG_0433hear them say that. It is their way of saying “I want to tell you something.” That is something I delight in hearing as it is usually a follow up to conversations we have had over the internet, text and telephone. It usually means that I will hear about what God has been doing in their lives or the lives of people they are ministering to in challenging situations. It also means that I will be up early in the morning and going to bed long after others are sleeping as our time together will be at a premium. Will you pray for those meetings that I will not only hear and listen, but ask good questions and be able to provide wise counsel? We will also be laying out plans for this next year and what can be accomplished. I know this sounds very ordinary, but when you think about the complexity of what God is doing in these parts of the world it is extremely important Continue reading “Tea Time”

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Hope Center: Straseni

Here’s an update from a Hope Center we partner with in Moldova, God is working and it’s awesome to hear about.

Straseni Boys CertificatesWe are so happy to share with you our great joy that 3 boys from our Hope Center were baptized, glory be to God! And we hope that their lives will reflect the love of God for their friends and all orphanage staff.
We regularly visit the children with some sweets, little birthday presents, and do a Bible lesson with them. Also we taught them some Christmas songs; we will have a little Christmas concert after the vacation for the poor children of our town who don’t live in the orphanage.

Straseni Family Dinner HCOn Sundays as usually we invite all of the children to our church, and after the service we invite them to lunch in our family home. Sometimes we have 10-15 children in our house for a lunch!
Children were on vacation for 2 weeks. This winter vacation we took 2 girls into our family to live with us and gave them a possibility to feel the warmth of a family life and the love of God.
Please pray for our children, that all of them will invite Jesus into their life and have a chance for a better life!
God bless you and thank you very much!

Continue reading “Hope Center: Straseni”

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The Candy Man Can

Bragas Christmas BoxesI have to tell you I am very excited about what just happened. Last week we received literature for our team to use for the Christmas gifts, but they did not have enough candy to make all the packets they wanted to pass out. Last Friday when the funds arrived for the balance of the packages of candy, the candy-man decided he wanted to help us care for children too! He gave us Continue reading “The Candy Man Can”

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A Present for Jania

I watched her fingers as the paper was slowly being torn off the package. These were the fingers that belonged to Jania, an abandoned girl whose parents had left her home alone at 6 years old to care for her 2 other younger siblings. The story was that they had been found in a room in their decrepit house badly malnourished and taken to an orphanage. Now she appeared to be full of life and was so excited to be getting a package—inside was some candy and a book. The book was clutched tightly by those little fingers right up IMG_0009to her heart as she smiled and then began to look at the candy. I will never forget it because I had been watching her while the Christmas story had been shared. I could see her eyes and understood that she wanted to be loved by God and our team had shared that the book we were giving them would tell them more about how much God loved them. Continue reading “A Present for Jania”

This Family Loves the Forgotten

In Straseni, Moldova our partners work with an orphanage through Project $5 for 5. This family has been visiting the kids for the past 2 years, they go twice a week, do a Bible lesson and bring food for dinner, sweets, small birthday presents or clothes that are needed. During weekends and over holidays, they take their 2 daughters with them to do ministry and to let the orphans feel more like part of the family. On Sundays. all the kids are invited to church with the family and then back to their home for lunch with the family.

Straseni FamilyPlease keep them in your prayers, for endurance, for wisdom and that they continually show Christ to the kids they minister to.

This family was truly given a heart for the children of Moldova. These kids are usually forgotten and thought of as a nuisance, but this family loves them and wants to know the love of God’s family.

By giving to Project $5 for 5 or Hope Centers, you are giving to this family and their ministry with the orphans of Straseni. Give through PayPal on our website.

HC Staseni

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Once was Blind but Now I See

“No, I cannot see anything!” I think I heard it about 400 times last week and I always smiled knowing what was coming next. As the men and women had the New Testament open to John 3:16 placed in their hands and the glasses testing instruments resting on the bridge of their nose, their raised eyebrows told a different story—they were seeing Glasses Mark helping ladysomething for the first time in a long time. After a couple of flips of the lenses, they were seeing and reading. I told them it was the most important piece of God’s word they would ever read. Most had never read the Bible, and very few had one in their home. Everyone we could provide glasses for left with at least two things. Continue reading “Once was Blind but Now I See”